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Aluminum Plates, Bars and Flat Bars In addition, our Polyethylene Plate and Pom Plate Rod products It is used in many industries, especially machinery, aircraft, automotive, marine many sectors such as packaging, shipbuilding, architectural industry and mold industry Our company, which offers aluminum sheet, plate and bar material supply service, offers the fastest and highest quality service. Wide product range, experienced staff, high stock capacity and offers the most suitable payment options as the leading company in the sector with its certified products Turkey's four corners is proud to be a fast and reliable address by online sales. Our company, which sells dozens of products from 1 mm to 200 mm, 1-10 mm aluminum plate products, mainly in the advertising sector, automotive and machinery thick plates called aluminum plate, mold industry, machine parts production, decoration and many other sectors, with alloy-guaranteed quality material supply service, provides satisfaction. Aluminum plates and sheets obtained from aluminum by hot and cold rolling are flat products and their usage area is quite wide. Our company, which responds to every need with dozens of aluminum bars from 10 mm to 300 mm, It provides the most used products in aluminum alloy groups from the stock without waiting for its customers, and provides the highest quality and reliable service as sales and shipping services. Aluminum materials weighing one third of steel are resistant to all kinds of weather conditions and their strength is equivalent to normal structural steel. It is elastic, resistant to impacts and easy to process. It is a much better conductor than copper and conducts heat and electricity equivalent to copper. You can submit your aesthetic, easy-to-install, cost-effective, corrosion-resistant and recyclable best quality aluminum bar, sheet and plate demands to our company, and take advantage of our fastest and most reliable aluminum supply services at the most economical prices.

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